„LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System“

The program Genotype makes it possible to create and evaluate a database (or several databases) comprising data on any number of individuals described by a set of basic characteristics (name, gender, etc.), with determined genotypes at a number of polymorphic genetic loci with co-dominant alleles. It is particularly designed to store and evaluate data on DNA polymorphisms (SNPs, RFLPs, VNTRs, STRs), though it can be used also for other genetic polymorphic systems, including polymorphisms of the mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA. Within Genotype, separate databases can be established (and evaluated) at a time, with any number of populations in each of them. Genotype comes as a result of the cooperation of scientists from the Department of Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava, and software analysts from the private company Kvant Ltd.

Program Versions

Genotype is available in three different versions. All versions have in common the basic characteristics of the database, and each of them makes it possible to determine the basic population-genetic parameters (allele and genotype frequencies, indices H, PIC and PGI).

Genotype Crimi

this version makes it possible to identify, within the given database, individual(s) exhibiting specified combination of genotypes (or alleles), and determines the frequency of this combination. Thus, it is particularly suitable for purposes of criminalistic identification.

Genotype Paternity

this version makes it possible to estimate the indices Pe (exclusion probability), PI (paternity index) and W (probability of paternity) for any triplet mother-child-alleged father (as well as for the motherless cases and for cases, where the alleged father’s genotype combination is substituted by that of his parents or full siblings).

Genotype Professional

a version combining the versions Crimi and Paternity