„LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System“

Software Fibres v3.0 is designed for the automatic fibre detection in scanned color pictures (patterns) in the forensic science laboratory. No special device is needed, solution is using USB scanner. Advanced color filter and special view modes provide an easy tool for fibre sorting, comparing and matching according to their color. All information about detected fibres could be saved for future use and searched for fibres that pass the selected color filter.


User Interface

Fibres v3.0 is running on the Windows based systems so the main benefit is in the ease to use environment with lot of standard features (e.g. loading and printing pictures, zoom-in and zoom-out of the picture, transparent dialogs for various actions and setups (like color selection, algorithm parameters specifications and more)).

Image Analyse

Image analysis of the picture is divided into the two steps:

  • first, it is necessary to erase the background of the picture so just the relevant information for the analysis remains on the picture - special algorithm does it for you in single click.
  • second is the fibre detection, where fibres are detected in the picture.

Fibre Detection

Sophisticated algorithms are used for fibre detection in the image. After this stage of the analysis, user can see the list of detected fibres with their average color and position in the image. The black mask is drawn over the each detected fibre as well (depends on the view mode).

View Modes

View modes allow the user to see just the relevant fibres on the picture. There are three types of the image view modes in the application:
  • original image - user sees the original image,
  • skeletons of the detected fibres - user sees just skeletons of the detected fibres (with their average color),
  • schematic mode - user sees just crosses representing each fibre.